Rakhi Sawant’s health update: Doctor- ‘Surgery Went Well’

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Mumbai: Rakhi Sawant, a Controversial star of the Indian entertainment industry, has once again shown her resilience in the face of trouble. The actress and reality TV star recently underwent critical surgery to remove a tumor from her uterus, a health scare that has had her fans and well-wishers on edge.

Rakhi’s journey to the operating theatre was documented by her ex-husband, Ritesh Singh, who shared a poignant video of her in a wheelchair, navigating the corridors of vulnerability and hope. The surgery, which took place at a private clinic in Mumbai’s DN Nagar, was a success, and the tumor has been sent for biopsy to ascertain further details.

Rakhi Sawant suffering from cancer? Big revelation about her health
Rakhi Sawant (Twitter)

The news of Rakhi’s surgery broke out when her brother, Rakesh Sawant, confirmed her hospitalization to the media. The actress herself had previously informed the public about the 10-cm tumor, expressing optimism for a swift recovery. “I am a fighter, and I’ll come back, nothing will happen to me. Chota sa tumour hi toh hai nikal jayega. I’ll come back and dance and sing. I’ll entertain people again,” Rakhi had stated, showcasing her never-say-die attitude.

Post-surgery, the health status of the actress is pending, and fans are eagerly awaiting more updates on her recovery. Amidst this health ordeal, Rakhi’s life has been marred by another controversy as her ex-husband, Ritesh Singh, made shocking revelations about death threats and her critical health condition.

Rakhi Sawant, known for her flamboyant personality and candid nature, has often been in the limelight for her bold statements and social media presence. However, this time, the spotlight is on her bravery and the collective prayers of millions who wish for her speedy recovery.

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