Rakhi Sawant’s lawyer says there’s ‘nothing fake’ about her marriage

New Delhi: Rakhi Sawant’s marriage with Mysore-based businessman Adil Khan Durrani is creating a buzz. While Rakhi has accepted the marriage publicly by sharing pictures and video, Adil seems hesitant to share anything about it.

However, Rakhi’s lawyer Falguni Brahmbhatt claimed that the marriage is absolutely legal.

She told IANS: “It is not at all a fake marriage. First of all, a nikah was performed and all the procedures were followed and that nikah was also registered. There is a proper nikahnama. After performing nikah, there is a procedure in Mumbai that you have to register your marriage with the Municipal Corporation.”

“So, Rakhi and Adil filled up the form with the Municipal Corporation, went to the office and registered their marriage. They also took the certificate of the marriage. Thus, there is a proper nikahnama and marriage certificate and I don’t know why Adil is denying or shying away from the marriage. Maybe there are some personal reasons.”

She added: “Whatever Rakhi is stating and the pictures that are being shared by her are all real and there is nothing illegal or fake about it. It is a hundred per cent legal marriage.”

Rakhi and Adil got married on May 29, 2022. However, they kept it under wraps.

It was a private affair. She has also converted to Islam for her nikah.

“Yes, Rakhi has converted to Islam for her nikah and her name is Rakhi Sawant Fatima after marriage,” her lawyer said.

Though Rakhi is open about her marriage, Adil is still hesitant. So, what Rakhi is planning to do about it? Her lawyer said: “I spoke to Rakhi yesterday and she is traumatised because of her mother’s health as she is very critical and her priority right now is her mother.”

“If she thinks of taking any legal action, we will be taking it forward later. As of now she has not spoken to me about it.”

Rakhi was dating Adil for quite long and in May last year, in an event, she made an official announcement of her relationship with him. Recently, her marriage picture went viral.

She also posted her wedding pictures and video and wrote in the caption: “Finally, I’m so happy I am revealing my marriage after seven months #rakhisawant.”

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