Ram Charan, Jr NTR take scooty ride in Hyderabad (Video)

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Hyderabad: In a heartwarming video, popular Tollywood actors Ram Charan and Jr NTR, who appeared in ‘RRR’, were seen taking a joyride on a white Honda Activa scooter. The viral video shows Ram Charan graciously offering his scooter to Jr NTR, who eagerly hopped on for a fun ride during their busy shooting schedule. 

The incident occurred on the set of ‘RRR‘ back then, during the film’s production. 

This video was most likely shot on a busy shooting day. The two actors were able to find a brief respite and decided to lighten the mood by going on a brief scooter adventure. The video captures Ram Charan and Jr NTR’s friendship as they take turns riding the scooter, much to the delight of the crew members on sets.

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The video is now going viral on social media, capturing the hearts of moviegoers and fans alike. Netizens flocked to the comments section to express their admiration for the stars’ down-to-earthness and ability to find joy despite the hectic shooting schedule. 

Ram Charan and Jr NTR continue to show their bond with this heartwarming and lighthearted video, reinforcing the notion that even during demanding shoots, they find ways to keep their spirits high and spread happiness among their colleagues.

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