Ram Charan, The Chainsmokers BIG collaboration on cards?

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Hyderabad: In the landscape of Indian cinema, several stars have dazzled brightly and Telugu hero Ram Charan is one among them. With his magnetic performance in the blockbuster hit “RRR,” he not only captured the hearts of millions across India but also garnered international acclaim, elevating him to the status of a global icon.

RRR, a cinematic marvel that blends history with high-octane action, showcased Ram Charan’s versatility as an actor. The film’s success launched him into the national spotlight, transforming him into a household name and a symbol of Indian cinema’s rapidly growing global presence.

The international community has taken notice of Ram Charan’s talent, with icons from various fields expressing their desire to collaborate with him. The latest to join this chorus is the American music duo The Chainsmokers. 

In a recent interview, they were asked which Indian artist they would like to work with, and their response was clear-cut: Ram Charan. They fondly recalled his performance in “RRR,” referring to him as “the hot dude” and “the less goofy one, the more the military one,” clearly alluding to his impactful role.

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Currently, Ram Charan is working on a project that is as ambitious as it is promising—the much-anticipated Game Changer. Directed by the visionary S. Shankar, this political action thriller is set to hit theaters in October 2024. With a star-studded cast and a gripping narrative, Game Changer is poised to be another milestone in Ram Charan’s illustrious career.

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