Ranbir Kapoor reveals why Rishi Kapoor hit him at Diwali pooja

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Mumbai: Bollywood boasts many fascinating family tales, and the Kapoors are no different. In a recent interview, actor Ranbir Kapoor recalled an unforgettable Diwali Puja with his late father Rishi Kapoor. The actor reveals both the bond between them and the religious enthusiasm within their home.

The Great Indian Kapil Show: A Candid Conversation

On the inaugural episode of ‘The Great Indian Kapil Show’, Ranbir Kapoor, along with his mother Neetu Kapoor, reminisced about their family. Amidst laughter and nostalgia, Ranbir shared an incident that left a lasting impression on him. He recalled, “Mujhe ek hi baar bohot zor ki pari thi! Diwali puja at RK Studios. Papa bohot religious the. I think I was eight or nine years old. Toh main chappal pehenke andar chala gaya tha mandir mein. Toh mujhe dapli pari thi (He hit me only once, very hard! He was a religious man, and I had entered the temple premises without opening my shoes. So he had hit me on the head)!”

A Father’s Love and Discipline

Rishi Kapoor had a distinctive way of displaying affection and discipline, despite being known for his expressive and passionate personality. Ranbir said that if his father ever raised his voice, it was only ever out of love – a sentiment Neetu Kapoor and daughter Riddhima agreed with wholeheartedly.

The Changing Times

Ranbir Kapoor’s life has changed a lot since he was a child. He is now a successful actor and loves being with his daughter Raha. The Kapoor family tradition lives on: Ranbir and Alia Bhatt are building a house in Mumbai that will cost more than Rs 250 crore. It will be one of the city’s most expensive homes— more expensive than Shah Rukh Khan‘s Mannat or Amitabh Bachchan’s Jalsa.

Talk Of Town: Ranbir Kapoor's Rs 250 crore gift for daughter
Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt with their daughter Raha Kapoor (Instagram)

A Rich Legacy

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In addition to the grand bungalow, Ranbir and Alia own four flats in the Bandra area, collectively valued at more than Rs 60 crore. The couple’s commitment to creating a beautiful home reflects their love and aspirations for the future. And as they build their nest, Raha Kapoor, their little one, is poised to become one of Bollywood’s wealthiest star kids.

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