Ranbir Kapoor trolls Karan Johar, says wants to protest against him

Mumbai: Ranbir Kapoor, a well-known Bollywood actor, has grown not only as an artist but also as a person, earning a reputation for being forthright and candid. In a one such incident, Ranbir openly criticised his close friend Karan Johar for pressuring actors to appear on his talk show, ‘Koffee With Karan’, and subjecting them to unnecessary controversies.

His remarks shed light on the desire to challenge the dominant culture and encouraged other actors to join forces in opposition to it.

Ranbir Kapoor was asked about his feelings towards Koffee with Karan during an appearance on AIB. In response, the actor expressed his exhaustion immediately, saying, “I am…I am…I was forced this season.” He also revealed that he had expressed his reservations to Karan, saying, “I don’t want to come.”

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Ranbir also said that he and Anushka Sharma once thought of protesting against the show and Karan to put an end to this unfair practise. He openly criticised the notion that Karan Johar profited from the presence of actors on the show while they faced unfair scrutiny throughout the year. Ranbir was adamant that such treatment was unjust and called for a change in this dynamic.

This incident displayed Ranbir Kapoor’s fearlessness and dedication to standing up for what he believes is right. It emphasised his desire to protect actors’ interests and foster a more equitable environment in the industry. Many people were moved by Ranbir’s bold statements, which sparked debate about the dynamics of celebrity interviews and the impact they can have on an artist’s public image.

On the work front, Ranbir Kapoor will be next seen in the ‘Animal’ movie directed by Sandeep Vanga. It stars Rashmika Mandanna in the female lead role.