Rashmika attends wedding in Hyderabad in Anita Dongre saree worth Rs…

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Hyderabad: Actress Rashmika Mandanna recently took time out from her hectic schedule for a heartfelt gesture that moved fans. Rashmika attended the wedding of her beloved assistant, Sai, in Hyderabad, turning the event into a memorable moment despite her busy film projects.

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Rashmika looked radiant and graceful in an elegant orange saree by Anita Dongre Midha, which cost around Rs 35K. Her presence added a glamorous touch to the wedding festivities.

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The unexpected act of the newlyweds, who sought Rashmika’s blessings by touching her feet, made this event truly memorable. Rashmika was visibly moved and slightly embarrassed by this candid and endearing moment, charming netizens with her humility.

On the professional front, Rashmika Mandanna is currently shooting two highly anticipated films, “Pushpa 2” and “Animal,” both of which are set to be released next year. While she continues to shine on screen, her genuine and heartwarming moments off-screen remind us why she is such a beloved figure in the entertainment industry.

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