Raveena Tandon attacked after driver hits 3 in Bandra, viral video

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Mumbai: In a shocking turn of events, Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon found herself at the center of a tumultuous incident in Mumbai’s suburb of Bandra. The actress, known for her significant contributions to Indian cinema, was allegedly manhandled by a mob following accusations of rash driving involving her driver.

The incident reportedly unfolded late Saturday night when Tandon’s vehicle was accused of hitting three individuals near Carter Road, a popular hangout spot in Bandra. Eyewitnesses claim that the situation escalated quickly, with a crowd gathering and tensions rising.

A video capturing the ordeal has since gone viral, showing the actress surrounded by an agitated group of people. In the footage, Tandon can be heard pleading, “Please don’t hit me,” as she attempts to navigate the chaos. The distress in her voice is palpable.

According to sources, the fight began when Tandon’s driver was confronted over the alleged rash driving incident. It is claimed that the driver responded aggressively, leading to further arguments involving the actress herself. Reports suggest that the victims sustained injuries, with one individual alleging that Tandon, in a state of inebriation, assaulted them.

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The aftermath of the incident has sparked widespread discussion, with many expressing concern over the safety of public figures and their responsibilities. The viral video has added fuel to the fire, with netizens dissecting every frame and sharing their perspectives on social media platforms.

As the story unfolds, the public awaits a statement from Raveena Tandon, who has yet to address the allegations publicly. The incident raises questions about celebrity conduct, the influence of viral media, and the complexities of navigating public spaces under the watchful eye of the public.

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