Reason behind Shruti Haasan, Santanu Hazarika’s breakup

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Chennai: Shruti Haasan and her boyfriend Santanu Hazarika have recently parted ways after a four-year relationship. The news of their breakup has been making headlines, leaving fans curious about the reasons behind their split.

According to the latest report in Hindustan Times, a close source to the actress has confirmed their breakup due to personal differences. The source revealed, “They broke up last month. Since there were personal wavelength issues, they decided to part ways amicably.” 

The actress took a significant step by deleting all pictures of Santanu from her Instagram account. Additionally, she announced a break from social media with a cryptic post: “It’s been a crazy ride, learning so much about myself and people. We should never be sorry for all the things we can be or need to be.”

Shruti and Santanu had been living together in Mumbai, and their breakup came as a surprise to many. There were even rumors of an impending marriage, but it seems that personal differences led them to part ways.

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The Love Story

Santanu Hazarika, an Assamese artist based in Mumbai, is a visual artist, video game designer, and illustrator. His creative talents caught Shruti’s attention when she was working on her book, which features her poetry. Santanu contributed as an illustrator and designer for the book, and their friendship turned into love. They soon moved in together.

On the professional front, Shruti is gearing up for ‘Salaar 2.‘ Additionally, there are rumors of her involvement in projects like ‘Decoit,’ ‘Toxic,’ and Superstar Rajinikanth‘s ‘Kooli’ though there has been no official confirmation.

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