Ritesh to file defamation case against ex-wife Rakhi Sawant

Mumbai: ‘Queen of controversies’ Rakhi Sawant has been making headlines ever since she claimed that her ex-husband, Ritesh, has hacked her social media accounts and her online payment apps. In his latest interview with TOI, Ritesh broke his silence over the issue and said that he has nothing to do with her social media accounts. He also said that he will take legal action against Rakhi.

Speaking to the Times of India, Ritesh revealed that he would file a defamation case against Rakhi. He said, “I didn’t want to put out any statements against her, but she has constantly been defaming me and blaming me for things that I haven’t done. I will file a defamation case against her. Now things are getting unbearable and it has affected my business and I have faced losses because of her.”

A few days back, Rakhi Sawant, along with her boyfriend Adil Khan were spotted at the Oshiwara Police station in Mumbai, where they lodged a complaint against Ritesh. Rakhi also claimed that Ritesh is jealous of her relationship with Adil.

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Rakhi Sawant had revealed that Ritesh was handling her social media accounts when she was dating him. However, after their separation, she did not change the passwords.

In his conversation with TOI, Ritesh responded, “I have not hacked any of her accounts on social media. She has given her passwords to a few other people and earlier too, this had happened when her social media account was hacked. I was the one who helped her recover her account and now the same has happened to her again. And this time, she is blaming me for it. There is nothing to gain by hacking her accounts. Do I even look like a hacker?”

On Sunday, Rakhi informed her Instagram followers that her account was restored. Her post has, “I am back” written on it. Her caption read: “Hello everyone I am back on my Instagram . After all the nonsense which happened to me last night. Thank u. Love and love.”

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