Rs 40cr per minute? Prabhas’ MASSIVE salary shocks fans

Hyderabad: The Prabhas-starrer Salaar got released on the OTT platform Netflix recently. The movie is available in various languages.

According to the reports, Prabhas – the Telugu film industry’s celebrated star actor has only 2 minutes and 35 seconds of dialogue out of the total runtime of two hours and fifty-five minutes in the movie.

A fan made a video, with all the videos went viral recently, “Prabhas Dialogue time in Salaar (sped up). Roughly 4 minutes with dialogue gaps and 2:35 min without gaps”.

Soon after the reports of his screen time in Salaar went viral, fans and media’s attention shifted towards the massive fee that Prabhas charged for Salaar. Reportedly, the actor took home an unbelievable amount of Rs 100 cr plus 10% profit from the film.

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On a budget of Rs 350 crores (total costs included), the film grossed Rs 620 crores at worldwide, which converted to around Rs 250 crores return. This would increase the amount of Prabhas’s earnings by RS 25 crores which is approximately 10% and his total income would be Rs 125 crores.

If we calculate the 125 crores he charged for acting in Salaar and divide it by the 2 minutes 35 seconds of the entire dialogues that he delivered, it means that every minute of speaking earned him Rs 48,38,70,960. This makes it one of the most costliest speeches any star could have delivered in their entire life!