Saina and her family’s simplicity left me awestruck: Amole Gupte

Mumbai: Filmmaker Amole Gupte, who has directed the upcoming biopic Saina, says it was a pleasure getting to know the family of badminton star Saina Nehwal while making the film.

“I was excited to burrow neck deep into her life and her journey. I was taken aback by the world number one champion and her family’s modesty. Their honesty, simplicity and humility left me awe-inspired,” said Gupte, about Saina’s family, who stay in Hyderabad.

The filmmaker says that he was inspired by Saina’s story.

“I go where my heart leads. I was fascinated by Saina’s story, when I saw this young girl go on to become the world number one in badminton, the first woman to achieve this feat for India. ‘Saina’ is a story of this simple girl from a simple middle-class background who worked towards becoming the champion,” he says.

The film will see actress Parineeti Chopra play the role of Saina. It will hit screens on March 26.