Samantha has something special for fans, what?

Hyderabad: After a big seven-month-long break, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, the renowned actress, is making her anticipated comeback. A dedicated star, remembered for her brilliant performances, had taken a break from her work to attend to her health. Now, she is back with thrilling news!

Samantha wrapped up the shooting of the Indian leg of the Prime Video series, “Citadel” in July 2022. A month later, she also announced her break to focus on her health. In 2022, she courageously disclosed her diagnosis of myositis, an auto-immune disorder, a few days before the release of her film Yashoda.

On Saturday, Samantha went to her Instagram Story to relay her happiness of going back to work. In an emotional video, she unveiled, “After a long time, I am going back to work. However, in addition, I was jobless.” There is yet another thing. The actress has a new corporate venture underway that she is teaming up with a pal on—a new kind of podcast about health.

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Samantha’s excitement is evident as she talks about her surprise project. “It is about health,” she says. The podcast is certainly surprising, but it is something that I love and am very passionate about. The podcast is informative and useful for its audience. Samantha shows her commitment to health and wellness, and she wants her audience to find meaning from it.

Health Podcast

The health podcast that Samantha has been working on during the break will be released next week. As fans patiently wait for this new venture, Samantha says,”I hope some of you find it very useful. I have enjoyed making this.”

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