Sana Farheen’s modest clothing pitch wows Shark Tank India judges

Mumbai: Sony TV’s Shark Tank India is the Indian version of the popular American TV show Shark Tank. It brings together aspiring entrepreneurs from across the country who pitch their business models to a panel of investors and persuade them to invest money in their idea.

Shark Tank India 2, which was released on January 2, saw entrepreneurs from different walks of life pitching their brands to some big-shot investors, also called Sharks. The Sharks include Amit Jain, Peyush Bansal, Namita Thapar, Aman Gupta, Vineeta Singh and Anupam Mittal. In one of the remarkable episodes of Shark Tank India 2, 23-year-old Muslim entrepreneur Sana Farheen Shaikh from Aurangabad impressed the judges of the show with her determination and willpower.

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She captivated the sharks with her groundbreaking startup, With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by women seeking fashionable yet modest clothing, Sana impressed the panel with her passion, innovative approach, and business acumen, leaving them eager to partner with her and revolutionize the fashion industry.

Sana Farheen Shaikh’s story of starting the business and its growth rate compelled all the judges to give her offers. She said that the idea of starting a modest clothing brand in India popped up in her mind after she faced a lot of challenges in finding modest sportswear.

She left the sharks surprised when she revealed that she is a fencing champion. After finishing her graduation, Sana started her own modest clothing brand under the name Forever Modest (FM) to give customers ‘power of choice’. Sana’s mother is a fashion designer and she is helping her in making clothes for FM more appealing.

Sana said that the fashion industry is not giving us appropriate choices in modest clothes. She said, ”We want to give power of choice to people and that is why I started Forever”

She further said that her brand is the world’s first modesty clothing brand that provides choices in modest casual wear, modest sportswear, and modest office wear. She said FM is now working on modest swimwear too.

She showcased her meticulously designed collection, featuring contemporary styles that blended seamlessly with traditional aesthetics, offering a fresh and elegant solution for women seeking modest fashion.

There are several modest fashion brands from outside India which are available here but everyone can’t afford to wear them. Sana wants to provide customers of FM with more stylish and affordable clothes. FM also offers customised sizes to its customers and that is what left judges surprised.

Sana said that Forever Modest was started in 2021 and the company has sold around 2,761 products till date. She said modest fashion is not meant for any particular community but anyone can wear it. She said wear what makes you comfortable and FM provides services to those who are comfortable in modest wear.

Sana’s words and ambition to make one’s own world by making customers happy is what impressed judges and her story can motivate more young people to start their own ventures instead of helping others build their world. 

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