Sania Mirza, Sana Khan perform Haj together, 1st photo goes viral

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Mumbai: Former actress Sana Khan is currently in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, performing her second Haj with her 11-month-old son, Saiyad Tariq Jamil. Sana completed her first Haj in 2022. Joining her on this spiritual journey are Indian tennis icon Sania Mirza and her sister Anam Mirza, who are both performing Haj for the first time.

Sana Khan shared a group photo with the Mirza sisters on Tuesday night, captioning it with excitement about completing Umrah and eagerly anticipating the Haj rituals. “Alhamdulillah Umrah done can’t wait for our hajj Arkan to begin,” she wrote. The photo quickly gained attention and went viral on social media.

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Sania Mirza’s Statement On Haj

Sania Mirza, who recently separated from cricketer Shoaib Malik, expressed her emotions on social media. In a heartfelt message, she sought forgiveness for any past wrongdoings and hoped for a transformative experience. She wrote, “As I prepare for this transformative experience, I humbly ask for your forgiveness for any wrongdoings and shortcomings.”

Sania added, “I am deeply fortunate and feel immensely grateful. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I embark on this journey of a lifetime. I hope to come back as a better human being with a humble heart and stronger Imaan.” Sania is accompanied by her sister Anam Mirza and cricketer Asaduddin’s son, Asaduddin.

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Anam Mirza also shared her feelings on Instagram, describing the pilgrimage as a deeply spiritual experience. She asked for forgiveness and support from her followers, saying, “Your support and prayers mean the world to me. I carry your love and good wishes with me as I seek forgiveness, peace, and a closer connection to Allah.”

Anam continued, “I hope to return with a heart more compassionate and a spirit more humble, ready to serve and love more deeply. Please keep me in your prayers during this sacred time, and I will keep you in mine. May we all be blessed with peace, happiness, and fulfillment.”

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Fans eagerly await more photos and updates from Sana, Sania, and Anam as they complete their Hajj pilgrimage together.

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