Sara, Shubman’s ‘love story’ trends again; Credits? Latest tweet

Mumbai: Shubman Gill and Sara Tendulkar’s rumoured relationship is creating a lot of buzz among fans and in the media. Even though the two haven’t commented on these yet, fans get excited about them because of their activities on social media and public appearances. The attention around their speculated relationship continues to grow, keeping fans eagerly following any updates on the duo.

Shubman and Sara’s bond has once again become the talk of the town after Tuesday’s India Vs New Zealand World Cup semifinal match that took place at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.

Sara Tendulkar, daughter of cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar, attended the crucial match, and her presence instantly set social media abuzz. A photo of her joyfully clapping during one of Shubman Gill’s powerful boundary hits quickly went viral, capturing the attention of fans nationwide.

However, the spotlight on their alleged relationship intensified when a tweet from an account claiming to be ‘Sara Tendulkar’ circulated online. The tweet read, “Comeback more stronger Shubman Gill,” expressing support for Gill after he retired hurt due to cramps during the match. It’s important to note that the authenticity of this Twitter account is in question, and it is not confirmed to be Sara Tendulkar’s official account.

Adding fuel to the speculation, UAE cricketer Chirag Suri officially confirmed that Shubman Gill is dating Sara Tendulkar. This revelation has added another layer of intrigue to the ongoing rumours surrounding the duo.