Shah Rukh Khan’s entry scene in Tiger 3 as Pathaan leaked

Mumbai: Tiger 3 was released across India on 12th of November 2023. The film is the fifth installment of YRF Spy Universe and SRK’s cameo role in the film is what made headlines. The fans were eagerly waiting to watch SRK in Tiger 3 and as the movie was released, King Khan’s video clips from the film were being shared online.

In the video, Salman Khan (Tiger) finds himself in trouble when SRK (Pathaan) comes to his rescue. Tiger was surrounded by armed forces on the top of a historical place and finds himself alone. All of a sudden, Pathaan made a grand entrance to rescue Tiger.

Pathaan descends from a ropeway in a unique style and starts killing armed forces to rescue the Tiger. The way Pathaan was holding the gun is what made audiences in the theaters cheer for him. After clearing the way for Tiger, both the actors left the place in style.

The video is being shared online and netizens are reacting to the role of SRK in the movie. In another video, Hrithik Roshan’s cameo as Kabir in the film has also surfaced online.