Shalin Bhanot confirms he is in relationship, who is she?

Mumbai: The much-anticipated reality show Bigg Boss 16 left fans in awe earlier this year in a whirlwind of excitement and drama. One contestant, however, stood out from the crowd and became one of the season’s most memorable housemates is Shalin Bhanot. The actor quickly became the talk of the town thanks to his captivating persona and entertaining nature, leaving fans wanting more.

But it wasn’t just Shalin’s charm and wit that got people talking; it was also his chemistry with fellow contestant Tina Datta. Their undeniable chemistry and open affection for one another sparked an explosion of emotions within the Bigg Boss house. However, as the show progressed, their once-promising bond weakened due to several heated arguments, eventually leading to their split.

Even outside the house, the distance continued, and the ex-lovers could not communicate.

Shalin Bhanot confirms his relationship

And now, Shalin has revealed a surprising twist in his personal life in a recent interview that sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry. He revealed that he is dating someone and wants to keep her identity secret.

When asked by renowned host Faridoon Shahryar about his relationship status, the TV star replied, “No, I’m not (winks).” On being enquired further if it happened after coming out of the controversial Bigg Boss house, Shalin added, “Yaa.” The actor revealed that he’s happy and stated that he’s on “top of the world.”

This delightful news has sent Shalin Bhanot’s fans into a frenzy as they await further developments in his blossoming love story. But it’s not just that Shalin’s star is rising.

What’s on his work front?

Riding high on the success of Bigg Boss, the talented actor has now taken on the lead role of Ranav in Ekta Kapoor‘s supernatural drama, ‘Bekaboo’. Shalin, who co-stars with Eisha Singh and Monalisa, continues to captivate audiences on Colors TV, where the show has received a resoundingly positive response since its inception.

Shalin recently made his OTT debut with Jio Cinema’s Inspector Avinash, starring the charismatic Randeep Hooda. Shalin plays the pivotal role of a police officer in this exciting venture, proving his versatility and ability to immerse himself in diverse roles.