Shocking! 8 Contestants face next elimination in Bigg Boss OTT 3

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Mumbai: Bigg Boss OTT 3 is capturing the audience’s attention with its intense drama and back-to-back eliminations. In just 11 days since the show’s premiere, viewers have witnessed three contestants exiting the house. The excitement kicked off with Neeraj Goyat and Poulomi Das being unexpectedly evicted in a mid-week elimination, while Payal Malik walked out during the first Weekend Ka Vaar.

As the tension rises, the housemates are now facing the looming threat of a fourth elimination. The nominations for this week’s eviction have already taken place today, and in a dramatic twist, more than half of the house is at risk.

The current Baharwala Luv Kataria was granted special powers during this task, resulting in eight contestants being placed on the hot seat.

Bigg Boss OTT 3 Nominated Contestants

The following contestants are nominated and facing possible eviction during the upcoming Weekend Ka Vaar:

  • Vishal Pandey
  • Ranvir Shorey
  • Armaan Malik
  • Deepak Chaurasia
  • Sai Ketan Rao
  • Sana Makbul
  • Sana Sultan
  • Munisha

With such a significant portion of the house in jeopardy, the stakes are higher than ever. The dynamics within the house are shifting rapidly, and the contestants are under immense pressure to secure their place in the game.

Who Will Be the Next to Leave?

As the audience eagerly anticipates the next elimination, the question remains: who will be the next contestant to leave the Bigg Boss OTT 3 house? Each contestant has their own strengths and strategies, making it difficult to predict who will garner the least support and face eviction.

Share your thoughts and predictions in the comments below. Who do you think will be the next to say goodbye to the Bigg Boss OTT 3 house?

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