Shocking pic: Hyderabad’s Prasads theatre wears deserted look

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: The city with the heartbeat of cinema finds itself in an unusual hush. The movie halls that used to be super crowded, are now going all empty. 

The latest image shared by the Manager Technical Operations of Prasads, an iconic theatre, has left the city’s film fanatics in shock.

In the picture, we see no crowds outside the iconic Prasad Theatre. Usually, we see lots of crowds outside the cinema spot every Friday for the new releases, and the atmosphere outside the theatre is full of cinema reviewers, media people, and fans standing in line at the box office counter.

The absence of major cinematic releases seems to be the primary reason behind this deserted look. Tollywood is experiencing a drought of big-ticket films, leading to a significant drop in attendance. All big films like Pushpa 2 and Kalki 2898 AD are set to hit the screens in the second half of 2024 only. The ongoing Indian Premier League and LS elections are more reasons behind the empty theatres. 

Recently the “Telangana State Single Theater Association” has also decided to close single-screen theaters across the state for ten days. This decision comes in the wake of a prolonged box office slump, with no significant film releases drawing enough collections to cover the daily operational expenses of these theaters.

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