Snake Venom Case: Elvish Yadav to file defamation case against Maneka Gandhi

Noida: Bigg Boss fame Elvish Yadav has hit the headlines since animal rights activist Maneka Gandhi has accused him of supplying snake venom to rave parties in Noida, UP. The Youtuber was earlier detained by the police in Rajasthan while he was on his way to Kota. He was , however, released later.

In the latest, Elvish Yadav has now threatened to file a defamation case against Maneka Gandhi as Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner claims that his image was maligned by the allegations of the politician. In one of his recent vlogs, Elvish said that he was accused by Maneka Gandhi after she called him head of snake suppliers.  

He further said in the video that he will file a defamation case against her. He is seen saying, ” I will not spare her (Maneka Gandhi). Now, I am active in all these things. Earlier, I used to think that I did not want to waste my time but now my image is getting spoiled.”

Elvish also appealed to those who watched his video to not judge him on the basis of allegations levelled against him. He said that people should wait until the police investigation is over. He further said that he is not aware of any rave party that dragged him into the controversy.

Watch the video below.