Sreeleela to quit film industry? Read here

Hyderabad: Telugu actress Sreeleela is one of the most sought-after actresses in the film industry today, and the first among the new generation of Telugu girls to achieve the status of top-notch stardom. However, she has also faced a lot of backlash for her film choices in the last year. Most of her recent releases failed to impress the audience and the critics.

Sreeleela’s roles were also limited and not well-defined. For instance, in Guntur Kaaram, she had hardly any screen presence. As per the latest updates, Sreeleela is planning to take a break from acting and the reason is her studies.

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For those to don’t know, she is also a diligent student who balances her acting career with her medical education, as she has a dual ambition of becoming a doctor and an actor. Yes, you read that right. Sreeleela is pursuing MBBS and is in her final year, as per reports.

What motivated Sreeleela to pursue medicine?

The actress explained that her choice of profession was not influenced by her mother and brother being doctors but by a different incident.

According to Gulte, she said, “I was visiting my grandmother’s house, where there was no hospital nearby, and she fell ill. I felt helpless because I couldn’t do anything for her until the doctor came. I had already taken the Medicine entrance exam by then, but that experience motivated me to pursue the course with more passion and dedication.” That’s how Sreeleela described her journey into medicine.

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She explained that she would balance her film career and medical studies by studying the theoretical aspects of MBBS during the breaks in shooting. She also said that she would visit and work at a hospital in her free time and gain practical experience.

Fans are now wondering if Sree Leela is going to quit the film industry to focus on her MBBS. However, she has not made any official announcement or statement about her future plans.

Sree Leela has been roped in for Vijay Deverakonda’s upcoming movie and will start shooting after the summer break. The actress has decided to take some time off from work and concentrate on her studies for now.