SRK says Aamir Khan takes time to decide things: Watch Video

Mumbai: The Khans of Bollywood have dominated the Indian Film Industry since the beginning of their careers. Their dominance is sometimes compared to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Hollywood. Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, and Aamir Khan coincidentally all born in 1965, have the highest popularity in the industry.  

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan who is known for his witty sense of humour was loved by the fans since he started his career. Earlier, it was reported that all the popular three Khans do not share good bond and are archenemies but currently they respect each others work. In the latest, SRK’s old video has resurfaced online in which he is seen praising Aamir Khan.

In the video, SRK is seen recalling an incident when he was on a flight with Aamir Khan. SRK says in the video that Aamir Khan often take time to make a decision. King Khan says in the video that Aamir wanted to order tea but took two minutes to decide. He says that Aamir Khan gave steward multiple instructions about tea and adding milk to it.

SRK further said that when Aamir Khan comes to his home he recalls that funny incident. He can be heard saying in the video, ” Humare ghar jab aate hain, tab main unhe poochta hoon chai piyoge and keh deta hoon Kal bata dena yaar. Hum ghoom ke aa rahe hain”.

SRK made everyone laugh during the interview and was also seen praising the actor for choosing the projects wisely and perfectly.

Watch the video below

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