Suriya’s ‘Kanguva’ to have India’s biggest war scene

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Chennai: Indian cinema has always been known for its grandeur, larger-than-life storytelling, and spectacular visuals. Over the years, films like Baahubali have set new benchmarks for what can be achieved on the big screen. However, a new contender is set to raise the bar even higher. 

Suriya’s much-anticipated film ‘Kanguva’ is poised to feature the biggest war sequence ever seen in Indian cinema, outshining even the legendary battle scenes of Baahubali. This is not just hype; the war sequence in ‘Kanguva’ was shot with over 10,000 people, promising an unparalleled cinematic experience.

According to sources close to the production, the war sequence in ‘Kanguva’ will feature over 10,000 people, surpassing the scale of epic battles seen in films like ‘Baahubali’. The action, stunts, and visualization of these sequences are being meticulously crafted under the guidance of international experts, aiming to deliver a truly immersive cinematic experience.

“The makers, Studio Green, along with director Siva and the entire team, have worked on every aspect of the war sequences to do justice to the theme and subject. The film has the biggest war sequence, featuring Suriya Sivakumar, Bobby Deol, and more than 10,000 people.”: The source said

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The film, directed by Siva, is a period-action drama that promises a visual extravaganza. The makers, Studio Green, along with director Siva and the entire team, have dedicated considerable effort to ensure that the war sequences do justice to the film’s theme and subject.

With its massive war sequence, ‘Kanguva’ is shaping up to be a landmark film in Indian cinema. The film’s success could potentially pave the way for even more ambitious projects in the future, solidifying India’s position in the global film industry.

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