Swara Bhasker reacts to Sonakshi Sinha, Zaheer Iqbal’s interfaith marriage

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Mumbai: In a recent discussion, actor Swara Bhasker commented on the challenges faced by interfaith couples in India, referencing the trolling that actors Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal have encountered. 

Swara Bhasker, who has experienced similar backlash due to her own interfaith marriage, expressed that such attacks are likely to continue for the foreseeable future. She made these remarks in the context of the upcoming wedding of Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal, which has been a subject of public interest and speculation.

“One of the biggest myths of modern India is ‘love jihad’, where a Hindu girl marries a Muslim man. This applies to me as well. An interfaith couple can actually get beaten up in certain cities on Valentine’s Day,” Swara was quoted saying to Connect Cine as per Indian Express.

“Lots of experts offered their opinions during my wedding as well. But we’re talking about two consenting adults here. What they do in their private lives, whether they get married or not, it’s up to them. It’s nobody’s business if they’re living together, getting married in a court, or having a nikaah, or an Arya Samaj wedding,” she said. 

Sonakshi Sinha enjoys time with Zaheer Iqbal’s family, viral photo
Sonakshi Sinha’s, Zaheer Iqbal

Speaking about Sonakshi Sinha’s upcoming wedding, Swara said, “It’s between the man and the woman, and their families. It’s Sonakshi’s life; she’s chosen her partner. Her partner has chosen her. Now it’s between them and their families. I find this a very time-waste debate.”

The actress further added, “Wait and watch, when they have a child, there will be a separate debate around the child’s name. We’ve seen it happen with Kareena and Saif’s kids, and with my kid. It’s completely idiotic, but this isn’t going to end anytime soon.”

Her comments have sparked a debate on social media, with many expressing their support for her views while others criticized her for bringing personal relationships into public discourse. 

Sonakshi is set to marry her longtime boyfriend, Zaheer Iqbal, on June 23, 2024. The intimate ceremony will take place in Mumbai.

An audio invitation for the wedding was leaked online, revealing details about the date and venue. The couple will have a registered marriage followed by a celebratory party at Bastian in Mumbai.

Sources close to the couple have hinted that Sonakshi and Zaheer share a deep bond and are quite serious about each other. They have been spotted together at various events, and their social media interactions often spark conversations among their followers. This close-knit gathering with Zaheer’s family suggests that Sonakshi is already considered a part of the inner circle, further intensifying the wedding speculations.

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