Taapsee Pannu, Mathia Boe’s first wedding video goes viral

Hyderabad Desk

Mumbai: The veil of secrecy surrounding Taapsee Pannu’s wedding has been lifted as the first video of her marriage to longtime beau Mathias Boe has surfaced online, delighting fans worldwide.

Although the actor is yet to officially confirm the nuptials that reportedly took place in March in Udaipur, the recently leaked wedding video online offers a tantalizing glimpse into the festivities.

In the revealed footage, Taapsee, adorned in a striking vermilion ensemble, embellished with red chooda and traditional kaleere, can be seen making her bridal entrance on the song ‘Kothe Te Aa Mahiya’, alongside her sister Shagun Pannu and their entourage of close friends.

The ceremony, which exuded a joyous ambience, featured the couple exchanging garlands amidst cheers and music.

The choice of Taapsee’s traditional vermilion bridal suit, while ditching the lehenga, has garnered praise from fans.

Fans on Instagram expressed their delight, with one commenter noting the rarity of seeing a celebrity bride in such a classic ensemble, while another highlighted the whimsical touch of Mathias arriving on a bicycle.

News of Taapsee and Mathias’s wedding initially broke in March, with reports suggesting an intimate affair held in Udaipur.

Earlier reports had also hinted at a grand celebration blending Sikh and Christian traditions, promising a spectacle of love and culture for the couple and their guests.

As fans eagerly await further details, the video offers a look into the ‘Pink’ actor’s journey into matrimonial bliss.

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