Telugu actor Raj Tarun’s girlfriend files complaint alleging affair and threats

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Hyderabad: Telugu actor Raj Tarun’s girlfriend filed a complaint against him at Narsingi police station on Friday, alleging an affair and subsequent threats.

In her complaint, she stated that she has been in a relationship with Raj Tarun since 2012. “From May 11, 2014, we started living together. We were physically and emotionally connected,” she said.

However, Raj Tarun refutes the allegations and states, “We were in a relationship from 2014 to 2017. She used to take drugs and had bad friends. After that, I had no contact with her. She was in a relationship with another person. I never promised to marry her.”

The complaint detailed her discovery of Raj Tarun’s alleged affair with actress Malvi Malhotra. The affair reportedly began while they were filming ‘Thiragabadara Saami.’ According to the complainant, Raj Tarun frequently travelled to Mumbai to meet Malvi Malhotra, and when Malvi visited Hyderabad, they stayed together at a director’s house.

“They both started travelling to Goa, Chennai, and Puducherry. When I found out, I confronted them,” she said. Following her confrontation, Raj Tarun allegedly abused her.

The complainant further claimed, “Her father, Susheel Kumar, warned me to leave Raj and offered money to end the relationship. Malvi’s brother, Mayank Malhotra, directly threatened me, saying they would kill me or have me imprisoned.” Speaking to the Pioneer,

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