‘There was no plan for this film’: Raj Kundra on ‘UT69’

Mumbai: Businessman Raj Kundra is all set to come up with ‘UT69,’ a satirical drama based on his time in prison. He starred as the main character in the film.

Sharing how he planned for ‘UT69,’ Kundra told ANI, “There was no plan for a film, I was writing a book while I was in this 63 days journey inside the jail. My director, who is my friend took my entire notes. He, then, came back to me after 30 days with the writer and said that we will make a movie out of it because we show the story visually.”

He added, “We have only one condition, he should play his own character, so we did a workshop for that. I believe that the experiences you get in life do not make you a good actor. The experiences you have can make you mature in all fields, be it business or any job.”

“People are fighting inside to sleep, to eat, so whatever it is, there is no remorse in it. These people will come and talk among themselves and when they come out of jail and there is no reform, they will just go inside crying, so if you have kept someone inside and you And you give a little facility to that type.”

Direcfor of ‘UT 69’ Shahnawaz Ali said, “It doesn’t seem that Raj is a first time actor, which means he is an amazing actor. I couldn’t have ask better script better story better actor to wct in this film.”

The movie will be released on November 3.

Raj Kundra, a businessman, spent time at Arthur Road jail, which he regards as one of the most demanding times of his life. ‘UT 69’ will provide a satirical perspective on his experiences.