Tiger 3: Salman Khan’s special surprise for Hyderabadis

Mumbai: Bollywood superstar Salman Khan will be next seen in a Tiger avatar again in the much-anticipated upcoming movie ‘Tiger 3’ which will be released on the 12th of November. The advance booking of the film has already started and it will be released in three Indian languages – Hindi, Telugu and Tamil across the country.

The actors and YRF Productions team members are currently busy promoting the film and are expecting that the film will manage to drag the audiences to the theatres. In the latest promotional stunt for Telugu fans, YRF has come up with a unique idea to grab the attention of South fans.

The ‘Mana Telangana’ newspaper readers in Hyderabad had an unexpected surprise from Tiger 3 makers on November 7th. Fans were in for a treat as they opened their papers to find a special surprise – the voice of none other than Salman Khan himself! Free voice devices, pre-loaded with Salman Khan’s voice, were enclosed within the newspaper.

People were greeted with the superstar’s voice, featuring his popular dialogue from the much-anticipated movie, Tiger 3. In the voice box device, fans could hear Bhaijaan, saying the famous lines from the film in the Telugu language to appeal to his Telugu fans to watch his movie in the theatres. He says, “Tiger Ki Swaasam Unnanta Varaku Odipovadam Oppukodu (Jab Tak Tiger Mara Nahi Hai, Tab Tak Tiger Haara Nahi Hai)”. It was indeed a pleasant morning surprise for the readers in Hyderabad.

The video of the audio device which was offered with a newspaper in the Telugu states was shared online and fans of Salman Khan took to social media platforms to share how they loved the audio device in which actors’ voice was pre-loaded.

Sharing the video on microblogging site X, one of the users wrote, ”Morning was made by Tiger 3 in Hyderabad! Pleasant surprise when the fans opened the newspaper and were greeted with none other than Tiger’s voice himself! #Tiger3Telugu”. Soon after the video was shared on the social media platforms, users swamped the comment box.

Check the video below.