Trending: Mahesh Babu grabs TOP position in Pakistan

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Hyderabad: In the ever-evolving landscape of entertainment, OTT platforms have emerged as game-changers for the Indian film industry. While some films struggle to find an audience in traditional theaters, they often find a second life on OTT platforms. These digital streaming services offer a global stage where language and geographical borders dissolve. Whether it’s a gripping thriller from Bollywood or a heartwarming Telugu film from Tollywood,

Guntur Kaaram, a Telugu movie starring the superstar Mahesh Babu, has been a rollercoaster ride in terms of its reception. From box office struggles to unexpected OTT success, this film has defied expectations and captured the attention of audiences across borders.

Despite initial challenges, Guntur Kaaram managed to cross the coveted Rs. 100 crore mark within its first week of release. The film’s gripping narrative and Mahesh Babu’s stellar performance resonated with viewers, leading to impressive collections.

Guntur Kaaram OTT Release: Netflix Triumph

The streaming giant, Netflix, acquired the OTT rights for Guntur Kaaram. The movie made its digital debut on February 9, 2024. The movie has found a new lease on life. It consistently ranks among the ‘Top Indian movies’ on the platform for five consecutive weeks. 

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Surprising Trend In Pakistan

Beyond India’s borders, Guntur Kaaram has made an unexpected impact. It is surprisingly trending on Pakistani Netflix as well followed by Dunki. 

Top 10 Most Popular Movies on Netflix in Pakistan. (Source: Netflix)

On his professional front, Mahesh Babu is currently preparing Rajamouli’s upcoming pan-world film. This project holds great significance for Indian cinema some details about this project are expected to be released in April. Rajamouli aims to capture international markets with this film. The movie is set to go on floors soon and the pre-production work is underway.

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