Troubles in Shruti Haasan, Santanu’s love paradise?

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Hyderabad: Talented actress Shruti Haasan is making headlines once again this time due to her alleged breakup with her boyfriend and live-in partner, Santanu Hazarika. The duo, who had been together for a couple of years, made headlines with their public displays of affection and lively interactions on social media platforms. However, it seems that their relationship has hit a rough patch, leading to their decision to part ways.

Recently, rumors began circulating that Shruti Haasan and Santanu Hazarika were living separately for about a month. The couple even unfollowed each other on their social media accounts, and Shruti even deleted pictures of them together from her Instagram feed. While neither of them has officially confirmed the breakup, these actions speak volumes about the state of their relationship.

It appears that Shruti and Santanu have decided to go their separate ways to focus on their individual interests. Despite their once-strong bond. 

The Love Story

Santanu Hazarika, an Assamese artist based in Mumbai, is a visual artist, video game designer, and illustrator. His creative talents caught Shruti’s attention when she was working on her book, which features her poetry. Santanu contributed as an illustrator and designer for the book, and their friendship turned into love. They soon moved in together.

On the professional front, Shruti is gearing up for ‘Salaar 2.‘ Additionally, there are rumors of her involvement in projects like ‘Decoit,’ ‘Toxic,’ and Superstar Rajinikanth‘s ‘Kooli’ though there has been no official confirmation.

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