Uorfi Javed calls out Sadhguru for his views on LGBTQ

Mumbai: Bigg Boss fame Uorfi Javed has always embroiled herself in controversies over her dressing sense. She is followed by more than 4 million people on Instagram. Know for her sartorial choices, she was recently spotted at fashion week. After posting a transitional video of the event on her Instagram, she was again slammed by various netizens for her dressing sense.

Urofi Javed is always seen defending her dressing choices. Various right-wing leaders and orthodox Hindu organisations are raising questions over her attire usually. Recently she bashed BJP politician Chitra Wagh for commenting against her. Chitra Wagh had said that Uorfi deserves to be in jail due to her fashion choices. The actress later slammed the politician and suggested her not to interfere in former’s matters. Uorfi is very outspoken and it is also one of the reasons that she is often targeted on social media.

In the latest development, the fashion diva extended her support to the LGBTQ community. She slammed Sadhguru for making comments about the LGBTQ community. Expressing her ire, she took to Instagram and wrote how vexed she got after watching Sadhguru’s speech regarding the particular community. Uorfi seems disappointed because Sadhguru in his speech vowed to end the queer campaigns and parades.

Uorfi dropped the video of the speech of Sadhguru on her Instagram story and captioned it, “Anyone who follows this cult leader, please unfollow me. So, LGBTQ is actually a campaign, according to him. It is rightly so, as the said people involved in the campaign are able to talk about their sexuality freely and loudly. The percentage of the LGBTQ community is not small, but guess what. Your brain is.”

The fashion model did not stop here, she also dropped another story in the support of the LGBTQ community. Her second story reads, “Such type of propaganda should not be encouraged. The LGBTQ community needs our support. For centuries, people were forced to hide their sexuality. Pretend to be someone else. We need to have campaigns. Parades to tell everyone that it is okay to be yourself. No matter who you choose to love. You are accepted.”