Video: Singer Amr Diab slaps fan for taking selfie with him

Hyderabad Desk

Cairo: Egyptian multi-award-winning singer Amr Diab has sparked public outcry after a video of him slapping a fan who tried to take a selfie with him during a wedding party in Egypt’s capital Cairo.

A video widely circulated on social media shows a fan attempting to take a photo with Diab before being slapped by the singer.

The fan’s family is deeply offended by the incident and plans to take legal action against Diab.

Father of the victim told Cairo 24, “He’d better shoot him to death and not slap him on the face. We are proud people from Upper Egypt and we will take our right with the law. I will file a report now against Diab.”

Some of the social media users believe that the fan inappropriately touched Amr, but others argue that physical assault in such a scenario cannot be justified.

Watch the video here

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