Viewers from India, Pakistan slam Ishq Murshid makers, know why

Hyderabad Desk

Islamabad: The popular drama series “Ishq Murshid” has stirred up a storm of discussions as it nears its conclusion, with fans eagerly anticipating the fate of its characters. Lead actors Durefishan Saleem and Bilal Abbas Khan have received acclaim for their performances, but recent developments have left viewers annoyed.

And now, the makers of Ishq Murshid are facing backlash for various reasons.

Firstly, viewers think that the drama is unnecessarily being dragged. Fans argue that the series should have concluded with the wedding of the lead characters, Shibra and Shahmeer, rather than introducing new plot twists. Moreover, the latest promo revealing the death of a significant character, Shibra’s father Suleman, has sparked further discontent among viewers.

Backlash Over Ishq Murshid Drama’s Last Episode Plans

Secondly, the decision to premiere the last episode in cinema halls before its online release has also drawn ire. Social media users are voicing concerns that this move will lead to spoilers circulating before everyone has had a chance to watch the episode. Many Indian viewers share these sentiments, expressing a desire to preserve the suspense until they can view it themselves on YouTube.

For the unversed, according to the poster going viral on social media, the last episode is scheduled to release in cinemas on May 3rd, followed by May 5th on television and YouTube.

Reactions Of Netizens

Netizens have taken to various platforms to express their frustration. Some slammed the makers for decline in quality of the drama, while others criticized the slow pace and lack of excitement in recent episodes.

As anticipation builds for the conclusion of “Ishq Murshid,” viewers are left wondering what the final episode will bring. With mixed reactions and heightened expectations, all eyes are on the makers to deliver a satisfying conclusion to this much-discussed drama.

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