Watch: Audience disrespects Mahira Khan, throws objects at her

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Karachi: Popular Pakistani actress Mahira Khan encountered a distressing situation at the Pakistan Literature Festival in Quetta on Wednesday. During her speech discussing her career and achievements, someone from the audience threw an object at her.

Expressing her dismay, Mahira Khan halted her conversation and addressed the inappropriate behavior, stating that such acts were unacceptable. “I won’t say any dialogue because you threw something on me, it means there is no room for a dialogue,” she was heard saying.

A video of the incident has been shared by popular Instagram page Afia Blogs and it has left Mahira’s fans angry.

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The audience’s rowdy behavior reportedly persisted throughout the event and some fans felt that even the host, Wajahat Rauf, showed disrespect towards her.

Despite all this, Mahira Khan remained composed and continued to engage with the audience, answering questions for approximately 30 minutes and after that the session had to be ended as the crowd was out of control.

The video capturing the incident has circulated widely, prompting strong reactions from fans who have condemned the behavior as unacceptable. Many have voiced their support for Mahira Khan and emphasized the need for respect towards artists and public figures. Check out the reactions below.

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