Watch: Huge fight breaks out between Allu Arjun, Prabhas fans

Hyderabad Desk

Bengaluru: The excitement and enthusiasm among fans of Tollywood superstars Allu Arjun and Prabhas are extraordinary. Whenever these actors release a new movie, it becomes a grand celebration, transforming theatres into vibrant concert-like venues.

However, at times, the craziness of these fans can lead to Twitter wars igniting debates and discussions on social media platforms. Now, things have gone one step ahead and more wild.

The fervour and fervency of Tollywood superstar fans reached a disturbing pinnacle in Bengaluru, where a video surfaced showing a group of Allu Arjun fans brutally assaulting a lone Prabhas fan. In the viral video, Allu Arjun fans can be seen physically attacking the Prabhas supporter, demanding him to chant, “Jai Allu Arjun”.

What sparked this shocking fan war?

According to posts on social media, it appears the Prabhas fan had posted a tweet mocking Bunny. In response, an Allu Arjun supporter invited a face-to-face meeting to settle the dispute, leading to the distressing incident.

The video triggered an outcry online, prompting users to share and request action from the Bengaluru City Police. Swift to respond, the police authorities have taken immediate action against those involved. Neither Allu Arjun nor Prabhas have reacted to the viral video yet.

On the professional front. Allu Arjun and Prabhas are gearing up for two big releases this year — Pushpa 2: The Rule and Kalki 2898 AD respectively. While Pushpa 2 is set to hit the screens on August 15, Kalki 2898 is set for the release on May 9.

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