Watch: Piece of advice from Shah Rukh Khan to all politicians

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Mumbai: An old video of Shah Rukh Khan has caught the attention of many after the Lok Sabha 2024 elections. In the viral clip, King Khan was asked by politician Rahul Gandhi for his advice to politicians. 

The interaction, which took place in the presence of former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, has resurfaced and gone viral, showcasing the actor’s characteristic blend of humor and sincerity.

The Question That Sparked Laughter

During the event, Rahul Gandhi posed a seemingly simple question to Shah Rukh Khan: “What’s your one piece of advice for politicians?” 

The actor, known for his quick wit, responded, “Look who you asked!” drawing laughter from the audience. He humorously remarked on the nature of his profession, saying, “My job involves me to ‘lie and deceit’ for a living, so I’m all show.”

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However, the laughter soon gave way to a moment of honesty as Shah Rukh Khan offered his genuine advice. “I think the only idea should be to work honestly and have pride in your nation,” he said. He emphasized the importance of integrity, urging politicians to avoid under-the-table dealings and shady activities. “If we do things the right way, we’ll all make money, we’ll all be happy, and we’ll become a great and proud nation,” he added.

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Shah Rukh Khan concluded his advice with a poignant statement, “So my advice to all politicians is, be as honest as realistically possible.” This candid advice from the ‘King of Bollywood’ has resonated with many, as it reflects the actor’s deep respect for those who serve the country and his belief in the power of honesty.

On the work front, SRK will soon start shooting for his next project with his daughter Suhana Khan, titled “King.”

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