When Atif Aslam opened up about his child’s death

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Islamabad: Atif Aslam, the popular Pakistani singer known for his soulful voice, has earned millions of fans around the world with his romantic, Sufi, and Qawwali tracks. Beyond his musical success, Atif is also a devoted husband and a loving father. However, there’s a painful chapter in his life that he once opened up about—the heartbreaking loss of his unborn child.

The Unfortunate Incident In Atif Aslam’s Life

A few years ago, Atif Aslam appeared on the YouTube show AB Talks, where he candidly discussed various sides of his personal life. During the conversation, the host, Anas Bukhash, asked Atif to recall the worst moment he had ever experienced. After a long pause, Atif shared the tragic incident about losing his baby.

“I lost my kid. I remember so Sara was like I guess four months five months pregnant and I had to leave for a show, it was a show in Turkey, and just right before the show, before my performance, she called me that the baby doesn’t have a heartbeat anymore,” he said.

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The Show Must Go On

Despite the heart-wrenching news, Atif Aslam displayed remarkable strength. He went ahead with the show, performing for two and a half hours. The audience was blissfully unaware of the personal tragedy he carried in his heart. People cheered, sang along, and enjoyed the music, while Atif grappled with his own grief.

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