When Mithun Chakraborty’s wife attempted suicide because of Sridevi

Mumbai: Mithun Chakraborty’s love life in the 80s was nothing less than a roller coaster ride. The same goes with actress Sridevi who might have been the biggest superstar of her time but had a disturbed personal life.

After her untimely demise on February 24, 2018, even filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma had revealed that Sridevi had a very disturbing personal life and the fact that it was never hidden from anyone in the industry.

One such relationship which stirred many controversies was her alleged love affair with Mithun Chakraborty. It was being said that Sridevi and Mithun had almost tied the knot in 1985 even when the latter was already married to Yogeeta Bali.

When Yogeeta found out what’s cooking between her husband Mithun and Sridevi, she allegedly attempted suicide. Mithun was pretty shaken after Yogeeta took such a drastic step to end her life.

Back in the days, she told a leading daily, “I will accept it even if he has a second wife.”

The reports also mentioned that the Nagina actress had no idea about Mithun Chakraborty’s divorce from Yogeeta Bali and hence married him. Upon knowing the truth, the late actress filed for an annulment in marriage and separated in 1988.

The Disco Dancer actor wasn’t ready to hurt or leave his first wife Bali and therefore Sridevi decided to file for legal separation.

After her separation from Mithun Chakraborty, the late actress got married to producer Boney Kapoor in 1996.

There were also reports that were doing the rounds on social media, where Mona Shourie Kapoor who happens to be Boney’s first wife revealed in an interview with Savvy magazine that Mithun was insecure about Sridevi’s friendship with the producer that he made her tie a rakhi on his wrist.

Well, the starry lives of stars might seem glamourous with full of glitz on the outside, but what happens on the inside will always remain a mystery!