When Mona Singh slapped Aamir Khan on film sets

Hyderabad Desk

Mumbai: In the world of cinema, authenticity often demands a blend of real emotion and crafted performance. A striking example of this pursuit comes from the sets of ‘3 Idiots’, a film that continues to resonate with audiences for its heartfelt humor and life lessons. Actress Mona Singh, in a recent revelation, shared an anecdote from the iconic baby delivery scene, showcasing Aamir Khan’s commitment to realism.

During the filming of ‘3 Idiots’, a scene required Mona Singh’s character to express her labor pain through a slap to Aamir Khan’s character. In a surprising turn of Aamir, known for his method acting, urged Mona to slap him hard to capture the genuine reaction needed for the scene. This request reflects Khan’s dedication to his craft, where the line between the actor and the character blurs to bring forth an authentic portrayal.

She said, “Pehle toh discussion yeh ho rha tha ki karna kya hai, Am I supposed to like bite him, kick him, slap him or just say get out. Toh phir everybody was narrating their experience – meri wife ne yeh kiya, woh kiya, then we arrived at a conclusion ki Mona thappad maaregi.”

Mona Singh, recounting the experience, expressed her initial hesitation but eventually delivered a slap that resonated with the intensity of the moment. The scene, now etched in the memories of the audience, stands as a testament to the lengths actors go to embody their roles fully.

The behind-the-scenes story not only sheds light on the making of a memorable cinematic moment but also highlights the collaborative spirit of filmmaking. It’s a reminder that the magic of movies often lies in the unseen efforts and shared dedication of its cast and crew, striving to bring a slice of life onto the silver screen.

As ‘3 Idiots’ continues to be celebrated for its narrative and performances, stories like these add layers to our appreciation of the film. They allow us to peek behind the curtain and acknowledge the passion and hard work that goes into creating the moments that make us laugh, cry, and reflect.

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