Zayn Malik opens up about fatherhood, Khai’s growing musical curiosity

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Washington: Zayn Malik, the former One Direction member and solo artist, has recently opened up about the heartwarming bond he shares with his three-year-old daughter Khai, whom he shares with ex Gigi Hadid.

In a recent interview obtained by E! News, Malik revealed the adorable way Khai perceives his music.

According to Malik, Khai has developed a charming habit whenever she hears music.

“Ever since learning her dad is a singer, she’s known to ask people whenever any song is playing, ‘Is my baba singing?’” Malik shared, highlighting his daughter’s innocent fascination with his profession.

The 31-year-old artist expressed how fatherhood has profoundly impacted his life, emphasising Khai’s role in giving him purpose and inspiration.

“Being a father has only inspired me and made me a better human. My daughter is my whole life and has given me purpose,” Malik shared, reflecting on the joys and responsibilities of parenting,” according to E! News.

Malik also discussed Khai’s budding interest in music, noting her developing sense of rhythm, particularly when she plays drums.

He credited her rhythmic abilities to her mother, Gigi Hadid, recalling how she excelled at rhythm games like Guitar Hero, surpassing Malik himself.

The family’s decision to raise Khai away from the spotlight on their rural Pennsylvania farm has been pivotal for Malik.

He described their idyllic life, filled with outdoor activities like gardening, camping, and fishing, which they enjoy together to create lasting memories.

“When I found out that my partner at the time was pregnant, I pretty quickly made up my mind that this would be a great place to raise a child because there’s so much for her to do here,” Malik shared in an earlier interview, according to E! News.

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