iPhone 15 to have 15w wireless charging capability

We’ve got some juicy news for you! According to ChargerLAB, the new iPhone 15 is going to support the latest Qi2 wireless charging standard. How cool is that?

As we all know, the wireless charging power of the iPhone is divided into 7.5W and 15W, only products that integrate Apple official MagSafe module can provide 15W wireless charging. In this way, after MFi, Apple gradually promoted the new accessory certification system, MFM. However, the iPhone 15 is likely to support two wireless charging protocols, namely the original MagSafe and the third-party Qi2 standard, and Qi2 will be recommended as compatible wireless charging technology by Apple for iPhones.

This report corroborates an earlier one which claimed that the iPhone 15 would support 15W fast charging on non-MFi certified chargers.

ChargerLAB has heard that the whole price of Apple’s MagSafe module is about $16, which has led to higher retail prices. The new Qi2 wireless charging module is said to cost less than one-third of the MagSafe module, which could mean cheaper prices for wireless charging accessories. The Qi2 module will also be compatible with all iPhones that support wireless charging.

Notably, Apple’s MagSafe is the basis for the Magnetic Power Profile at the core of Qi2. It ensures that phones or other rechargeable battery-powered mobile products are perfectly aligned with charging devices, thus providing improved energy efficiency and faster charging.