Telangana polls: Home voting facility begins today – Know how it works

Hyderabad: For the first time in Telangana, a home voting facility is being made available for senior citizens and persons with disabilities for the upcoming assembly polls in the state. This service will be accessible until November 27.

Previously, a similar facility was introduced during the Karnataka elections.

How does the home voting facility work?

To utilise this service, voters must submit an application to the Returning Officer (RO) using Form 12-D within five days of the notification of Telangana Assembly polls. The following individuals are eligible for this facility:

  1. People aged above 80 years
  2. Persons with a disability of 40 percent or more
  3. Employees in essential services

Under this program, two polling officials will visit the homes of eligible voters to collect their votes on postal ballots, which will be counted alongside other votes.

The voting process ensures secrecy, and the entire procedure will be recorded via videography, with the footage submitted to the RO.

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Telangana Assembly polls

Telangana assembly polls are scheduled for November 30, 2023, with the vote counting taking place on December 3.

In the previous Telangana Assembly polls in 2018, the TRS, now known as the BRS, formed the government by winning 88 out of 119 seats, marking a significant increase of 25 seats as compared to previous election. In contrast, the Congress’ seat share decreased from 21 to 19, while AIMIM secured seven seats.

BJP could only secure a single seat, with Raja Singh winning the Goshamahal Assembly constituency seat.

It remains to be seen whether KCR will become the first leader in South India to serve as the chief minister for a third consecutive term.